April 27, 2018

News Bulletin: No 9, April 2018

Welcome to our latest issue of the DSHC (David Silver Honda Collection) News Bulletin. Open Day – Sunday 24th June 2018 We are pleased to announce that 3-times World Champion for Honda, Freddie SPENCER, will join us for our FREE admission (HOC Members) Open Day in conjunction with the Honda Owners Club, on the above date. See HOC website for further details at:

50th Anniversary of the Honda CB750

Our Honda CB750 50th Anniversary Celebration Open Day on Saturday 29th September 2018 is gathering momentum with interest coming from across the UK and Europe!

Our first formal entry for our Celebration Open Day and the 8 different award categories is quite staggering! 

An entry from Norway of an original 1969 CB750 sandcast model of just one owner from new with over 620,000kms (385,000 miles) on the clock. The equivalent to over 15 times around the circumference of our Planet Earth!


Erling Kleve purchased one of the first CB750s to arrive in Norway in October 1969 and has since ridden the bike, with just minor modifications, to just about everywhere, including the IOM Manx GP in 2006.

Erling’s CB750 has won him many awards and even at over 70 years of age he continues to ride the Honda regularly and will ride this original CB750 from his home in Molde, Norway to our Celebration Open Day in September. Surely a contender for at least one of our eight awards?

The Ex Honda dealer of the 1970s/80s has completed an amazing 20 Krystall Rallies, the famous Norway winter biking rally, on the same CB750. Including the 1978 event where riders experienced temperatures as low as -41 degrees!

Erling, who is currently building a 1970 CR750 and also owns and runs a number of other Honda’s, claims his trusted 620,000km CB750 has never left him standing, anywhere!  

50 years ago, this October, the Honda CB750 was first launched at the Tokyo Motor Show and today stands as one of the most iconic motorcycles and the one that started the term…’Superbike’. Recently, a pre-production sample sold for £161,000 at auction!

Further details and Entry Forms for our special 29th September CB750 Anniversary Celebration Day are available now from:  : - Download the entry form


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