January 12, 2018

News Bulletin: No 7, January 2018

Welcome to our latest issue of the DSHC (David Silver Honda Collection) News Bulletin. Honda Reading Room now open…In our previous bulletin, we announced the addition of the Honda Reading Room to the museum where around 200 model-by-model Fact-Files are available for visitors to the museum to study. These files provide model information of interest to those restoring or researching the detail of a certain Honda model and the files go back to Honda’s first model, the 1948 A-Type. Some of the file contents have been donated to the museum and the files will continue to grow as more relevant information is sourced. We are pleased to announce that the Honda Reading Room is now open to all museum visitors at no additional charge.

The Eagle has landed…in Leiston!

In 1965, when Honda UK Limited (HUK) established its long-term head-office in Power Road Chiswick West London, Mr Soichiro Honda personally presented this Mountain Hawk-Eagle model to HUK to celebrate the formal opening of his subsidiary in the UK.

Made of hard-wood and standing some 76cm tall and weighing in at around 13kg, the master piece of Japanese wood carving was presented as a symbol of good luck to the new business.  

The Eagle remained on open display in the Power Road offices until HUK moved to Slough in the year 2000 where for some unknown reason the bird was stored away in a cupboard not to be seen until the next office move in 2014, when HUK moved to Bracknell. 

Shortly after the move to Bracknell the Eagle model was offered to any staff member who wanted it. By this time only two staff members remained from the Chiswick days who could remember the model. An internal silent-auction was held and Head of Motorcycle Product Planning, Dave Hancock, won the auction with a £272.00 bid! 

During a recent visit, Dave kindly presented the rare Mountain Hawk-Eagle model to The David Silver Honda Collection on long-term loan allowing it to join other rare Honda memorabilia on display alongside the unique 160 plus collection of pre-1992 Honda motorcycles.

The rare Eagle model is now proudly on display within the new Honda Reading Room.

Donations for the museum very welcome!!

Since opening in July 2016, the museum has welcomed Honda memorabilia for display as gifts from Honda enthusiasts. If readers would like to offer any relevant material please do contact David Silver directly as below. All contributors are recognised on our museum roll-call poster.

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