January 8, 2018

News Bulletin : No 5, September 2017

Welcome to our latest issue of the DSHC (David Silver Honda Collection) News Bulletin. Throughout the Summer, we have welcomed many bikers to the museum, from across the UK, Europe, Asia and remote locations such as Iceland. Even a group of 4 bikers on a European road trip from Australia! Notable Club group visits have included the Honda Owners Club with over 100 Honda bikes; the CBX Owners Club with over 20 six-cylinder models; the Pan European Club and more recently the Gold Wing Owners Club with over 30 flat-four’s and six’s!

Our first year of over 4,000 visitors has been overwhelming, far exceeding our expectations!

1940s model on its way from Japan! – We are excited to have recently acquired from Japan one of the very first Honda models, a 1948 Honda A-type! 1948 was the first formal year of the Honda Motor Company and to have acquired one of the very rare first models, only ever sold in Japan, is a dream for David Silver to add to his personal collection. On arrival, the A-type will be proudly displayed alongside the equally rare 1952 Cub F-type.   

Other new models arriving – Our Honda collection is forever growing! Since opening the museum in July 2016 with 150 classic models on display, we now exceed 160, with some further examples on their way. With our recently acquired NR-750 proudly on display, perched on top of a giant oval-piston, we have also introduced a 1989 CN250 (feet-forward scooter); a 1972 CB350-K4; a 1983 NV50 Stream (3-wheeler leaning moped) and arriving soon is an early 1980s NCZ50 Motocompo (a compact fold-away bike for your car boot! A model that was promoted on Japanese TV by British band Madness) and a 1980s CB100N.  

We have an ongoing shopping list of models which includes a UK GL1500 Gold Wing, NS400R, XL600V Transalp, CB250/360G5 and a CJ250/360T. 

New museum features – We are gradually introducing QR codes to a selection of the bikes ID Cards allowing visitors with a QR Reader App on their smart-phones to view a video of the same model in action. In addition, free Wi-Fi connection is also being introduced throughout the building. Our new museum is now also benefiting from various recent donations including some rare factory photo boards, past model brochures, manuals etc. and recently, a Honda branded model of a ‘Yoroi’ the armor of the ancient Samurai warriors. The stunning ‘Yoroi’ model stands 31-inches tall and was originally presented by Honda Motor Company to top Honda dealer Davey Bros. of Ipswich, during a dealer visit to Japan in the early 1970s.  Finally, a room on the first-floor area of the museum is to be modified over the coming months to create a Honda library for related literature which will be available as reference to all visiting enthusiasts. The museum display will continue to further evolve over time. 

Souvenirs & History Book – A growing range of souvenirs and gifts are now available. We have on offer; Mugs, Pens and Key Rings as well as the recently published 120-page colorful A4 size book providing a guide to the history of Honda motorcycles and the bikes within the museum. These can be purchased during a visit to the museum or online at

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