January 8, 2018

News Bulletin : No 2, December 2016

Congratulations from Honda in Japan! – Our new Honda motorcycle museum has attracted the attention of Honda Head Office in Tokyo as we received a very complimentary letter of support from their Chief Operating Officer and Director. The letter quotes…

“Congratulations for hugely successful opening of The David Silver Honda Collection museum. The vast collection of past Honda production motorcycles of this caliber is simply amazing! I really enjoyed going through the enclosed presentation and the display list helped me travel back in time of good memories. And thank you very much for your passion and enthusiasm toward Honda. We take great pride in our engineering and innovation; and the museum definitely will give the visitors special opportunity to experience Honda’s unique DNA”. 

A very pleasing letter of support, with the offer of possible collaboration for which we are now working with them to hopefully achieve.  Watch this space!     

New models arrived – We stated in our last Bulletin that we have now introduced to the collection a 1964 CB77, a 1976 CB750A Hondamatic and a 1973 CB350G. In the past weeks we have also added a 1962 C240 Port Cub, a very rare find of an early model offered by Honda as a lower-cost version of the C100. It has just a 2-speed transmission a single seat and the kick-start on the left side rather than the right! Not previously sold in the UK, this C240 comes with a rather interesting background on how it made it to the UK! The full story is on display with the bike. 

Comments cards – We continue to monitor each month the visitor comment cards. A small number of minor suggestions are recognised with action and we note a number of requests for adding certain models that will be included in our ongoing wish list. As mentioned in the previous Bulletin, that even with 150 different models on display it remains our intention to continue to enhance the collection even further over time.   

Souvenirs – Another observation from the Comment Cards was requests to add souvenirs and we are pleased to advise that within the coming weeks we will have on offer; Mugs, Pens and Key rings as a starter to a growing range of products. 

New Guide Book – The new guide book to the history of Honda motorcycles and our Collection is coming along well and on target for our launch of the book in February at the MCN London Motorcycle Show. We have had to extend the book size to make sure we include all the models on display, including the new additions, which has led to a slight increase to the previously quoted price from £10.00 to £12.00. The limited edition hard-back version will remain at £25.00. Both books are available to pre-order now online at

See us at the MCN London Motorcycle Show – We will be displaying a small range of bikes from the museum alongside our regular Honda parts presentation at the above show. Do visit our stand to gain further information about our new Honda museum.